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Client Feedback

E Marmick Reflexology September 2008. "Service was excellent, will definately be back"

S Rice Foot Pampering & Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage August 2008. "Everything was perfect - please keep posting me special offers and I will try and come alot more. I have recommended Sole to Soul to lots of my friends"

S Kay Facial July 08. "Excellent service, would recommend friends to come. Therapist was very friendly and professional"

Anomoyous Client Reflexology June 08. "Everything and procedures were excellent. The therapist was just great - put you at ease straight away. The therapist was very informative, understanding and supportive. She was very courteous and helpful towards clients needs (client was in a wheelchair)"

S Harney Lymph Drainage Massage June 08. "The massage was fab, I was late and the girls were lovely, very relaxed"

Anomoyous Client Swedish Body Massage June 08. "I really enjoyed my massage. My therapist had a very pleasant way with her and I really enjoyed the session"

C Donlon Back/Neck & Shoulders Massage May 08. "Great Service!! I will definately be back!"

L Mooney Full Swedish Body Massage May 08. "I was very happy all round with the therapist and treatment. I would definately recommend it to friends & family"

C Hanna Reflexology May 08. "A relaxing and soothing experience. A most empathetic therapist"

Anomoyous Client Full Body Massage May 08. "Just an amazing experience"

Anomoyous Client Reflexology May 08. "Very enjoyable experience - thank you. Everything was excellent from start tro finish"

Laura Branigen Reiki April 08. "The treatment was very enjoyable, relaxing and uplifting. The therapist was very personable and in-tune with me, she immediately put me at ease"

Linda McGreevy Reiki April 08. "My therapist was lovely, very friendly, explained everything to me. Very relaxed and calm atmosphere. the room was very clean and comfortable."

Annonymous Client Multi-Cultural Massage April 08. "First class therapist. I would definately recommend the Multi-Cultural Massage for a relaxing treat"

Michelle Meehan Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage March 08.
"I found this treatment very good, due to the sport I play I know it will help me. After all your back is very important!".

Bernice Rodgers Circaroma Facial Feb 08.
"Excellent facial, face felt cleansed and refreshed. Therapist was very calming during the treatment."

Annonymous Client Facial Feb 08.
"Friendly, very professional, healing hands!!."

Patricia McMahon Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage Feb 08.
"I really enjoyed my treatment. My massage certainly released alot of tension and I left pain free."

Michaele Balancing Facial Feb 08.
"My skin feels great and I'm really relaxed. Loved the aroma of the products and your shoulder/head massage."

Annonymous Client Pregnancy Reflexology Feb 08.
"Very Relaxing. Therapist was very calm and reassuring about my concerns."

P. Quigley Mulit-Cultural Massage Feb 08.
"Excellent, Very Helpful Therapist."

Leona Loughran Multi Cultural Massage Jan 08.
"It was pure relaxation, felt like I was in heaven, just what I needed and the therapist was a delight, we had alot in common. Thank you so much."

Laura Moore Multi Cultural Massage Dec 07.
"Loved the Treatment will definately be having it again"

Ashling Courtney Reflexology Sept 07.
"Therapist listened to me and made me feel really at ease. She was a lovely gentle person. I will be making another appointment with her."

Noreen Savage Reflexology Aug 07.
"Therapist was very nice and helpful also. Will be back!"

Shauna Rush Reflexology July 07.
"I realy enjoyed my first session, very relaxing, incitfull and a lovely therapist."

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